Covid 19 Statement

Kerry Respite Care CLG hopes that this virus outbreak will be measured, managed and controlled proactively.  We encourage everyone to act pragmatically to ensure the health and safety of all at this time.   We would like to advise our service users, their families, friends and our community at large that all of our staff are following HSE guidelines on Covid-19, and we are committed to taking every action deemed necessary as the situation develops to protect the health and wellbeing of all especially those most at risk or serious complications.  We are making decisions on an ongoing basis as to whether instructions are appropriate and are ensuring that all our staff are aware of the bespoke policies, protocols and practices that apply to our workplace for example regarding hygiene practices, close contact with our service users and face to face contact with colleagues and the public.

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We are monitoring the situation very closely and have taken a wide range of measures aimed at protecting our service users, office staff, health care assistants, volunteers and the public at large, in the face of Covid-19.  All of our Health Care Assistants have hand sanitiser, surgical masks, disposable aprons, gloves and other PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to care for service users safely and to protect themselves.  We have postponed all non-essential events, meetings and travel.  We have adapted work practices and facilitated remote work where possible, in order to continue to deliver care throughout Kerry.

Where to find the latest information for Ireland

We encourage everyone to continue to adhere to HSE instructions on how best to avoid Covid-19 in the work environment and at home.  It is important that everyone continue to stay informed and up to date on this evolving situation. The following websites are excellent resources for the most up to date information on Covid-19 in Ireland;

Recommendations to prevent spread of infection

The best way to prevent infection and spread is to avoid being exposed to Covid-19.  Everyone has a part to play and can help to prevent the spread of this respiratory outbreak by following HSE guidelines.

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COVID-19 updates

The situation continues to evolve and we will stay informed about local, national and international conditions and developments.  If you have any questions or concerns about our work practices in relation to Covid-19, please contact us at 066 7102796 or email